Outline and Eligibility

A. All students keen to pursue higher education in Australia or New Zealand can apply.

B. Describe in the student’s words in 300-600 words, considering below points

1. Why do The student want to study overseas?
2. What do the student want to study?
3. Where do the student want to study?
4. When do the student want to start studying overseas?
5. What would be the expenses to study abroad?
6. Who can fund for the student’s overseas education?

C. Interview
After the scrutiny of the student’s application, and based on a personal interview, maximum five students from the student’s school will selected to be an iQuery EdExplorer.

D. Confirmation
If the student’s application is successful, the student will receive an email intimation along with the next steps, the student should follow.

We Run a Wide Range

iQuery EdExplorer Download

EdExplorer - TEN weekends/weeks to complete

1. Psychometric test – 1 Hour

2. The student will be provided with the list of universities based on the student’s preferred careers/courses. The student will also develop a set of parameters (e.g., Course fees, scholarship, city, ranking of universities) in consultation with the student’s parents.

3. The student will now finalise the top 5 parameters in consultation with the student’s parents.

4. The student will then compare courses and universities applying these parameters.

5. The student will then rank them in numerical order 1 to 5.

6. Once the courses are finalised, the student will compare universities that offer these courses (Max 10)

7. The student will then prepare a video (maximum 3 minutes) of 2 courses/ and universities.

8. The student will now submit these videos in MP4 format as the student’s completed portfolio.

Awards & Appreciation

Every student who completes the project successfully will receive
1. A Merit Certificate
2. An iQuery Events T-Shirt

The student will have a portfolio by now, a major objective The student achieved that will enhance the student’s SOP at the time of university application.

The student can also use this portfolio while applying for student ambassador roles at the student’s university.

This comprehensive research involving iQuery Global Associates and Australian/New Zealand universities will help the student with the student’s future international career and education plans and assures the student the long-term support from iQuery to execute the student’s plans.