Information for parents

iQuery offers a detailed Australian information session that covers a wide range of concerning aspects of life and education abroad. It’s an opportunity to discuss various sectors including business, history, geography, science and innovation, education system, career, society, and life. There is a REXA course that prepares parents for a career abroad and provides information about these opportunities. To avail of these free sessions, you are only one step away, just fill out the inquiry form and drop it to iQuery, Our team will get in touch with you.

If you are a parent wanting to know about overseas education, here is a FREE Course to help you plan and prepare your child’s global career.

PRECSA: Prepare for Career & Study Abroad Course


This is part of our many social outreach programs committed to help parents and students make informed decisions regarding their overseas educational journey.

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Who can attend?

Parents / guardians planning to send their children outside their home land to pursue their education in a foreign land.

How long is the course duration?

It is generally a 3-hour course delivered online.

What can I expect to learn?

You can learn to make informed decisions with regard to the destination of study, course selection, University selection and most importantly the top reasons “why a particular destination should not be chosen”

Can representatives from institutions take up this course?

Yes, of course. The institutions can also host this program for the benefit of their students and the parent community.

Will this course help me prepare to go abroad for my education?

Yes, you can learn about the prospects, eligibility, and preparation to reach the destination.

How does an institution benefit out of this kind of a program?

As mentioned earlier this course can be extended through the institution to their students aspiring to go abroad.

The institution can also partner with us as a knowledge partner to extend many more benefits like scholarship exams at their premises, IELTS Foundation courses, Mini internship programs for their toppers, cultural / educational student exchange programs, Leadership conferences for their top management at world’s best destinations and many more...