If you are thinking of living in Australia temporarily or permanently, there are possible options to consider and start with. Migration Consultation help is available at our organization.

We provide professional and long-term visa advisory support and support regarding migration and other visas to our clients. Through MARA registered consultants for Australia and authorized NZIAA immigration advisors of New Zealand their support is always extended to primary applicants and immediate family members and to members of many institutions and their staff and student.

Your qualifications and work experience can provide wings to your dreams of migrating overseas.

Do you have close family members in Australia?

So many people have close family members abroad, and the long waiting in despair ends here at iQuery with our delicate professional support towards different visa consultations and pathways for migration. There are a number of options for getting permanent residency in Australia. You can apply for a General Skilled Migration from overseas or within Australia. We will help you to have a clearer vision of the decision of migration.

Some of the available migration visa options are listed below for the lookout:

  • State-Sponsored or Nominated Visa
  • Independent Skilled Visa
  • Family Sponsorship Visa
  • State or Regional Nominated Visa
  • Eligible Family Member Nominated Visa
  • Employer-Sponsored Visa
  • Family Migration
  • Skilled Graduate Visa

The requirements for the different visas vary and we can provide you with the best available options for you and your individual circumstances.

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Education and career planning.

In a student's career, Educational exploration and Planning are critical aspects. It is very important to identify the career fields and educational pathways that are compatible with their qualifications and experience.

Seeking Expert Advice; Career Counselling And Information:

Creating migration pathways.

iQuery works with qualified and certified migration professionals in Australia (MARA Registered) and New Zealand (NZIAA).

Our Migration Consultant will provide end-to-end assistance to you in applying for an Australian / New Zealand PR from anywhere in the world. The process is online. The merit-based process for immigration to Australia or New Zealand is mainly points tested and primarily based on education and occupational or business skills, experience, and English competency. There are three significant streams for merit-based migration.

  • Skilled Migration
  • Business Migration
  • Family Migration

They assign points for age, language proficiency, work experience, education and factors such as study in respective countries, regional area (area of skill shortage) work and more. In Australia, you must score a minimum of 6.5 points to be eligible, while the

New Zealand program requires a minimum of 160 points for an invitation. Applicants who meet the minimum of 65 points must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) using the skill select online system.